Art Guild

Larry and I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Art Guild of Middletown exhibition on Friday. We enjoyed ourselves, but I’m going to have to go back because the fifty-one pieces of art were displayed in one small room of the Zilkha Gallery at Wesleyan. Every time I stepped back to look at a painting, I felt I was stepping on someone’s toes or ramming them with my pocketbook. We really only got a good look at about half the pieces.

Our motive for going was our friend Dodie Ruimerman whose paintings I’ve been enjoying since last summer. (See “Art for a Summer Evening,” July 3, 2009 and “The French Connection,” March 20). This time she displayed an oil, “Menemsha Market.” With it, she has captured all the charm of that little gem in summer with the addition of her little dog Arthur, waiting for a handout.

Jean Maynard, who paints with Dodie in the French Connection, had an equally charming oil painting of Chappaquiddick. It was as well-executed and evocative as her painting “Silence,” which I had seen at the exhibit in Hartford in March.

Among the works that made a great impression on  me was “Yoruba Woman,” a graphite piece by Juliet Wood. Filled with drama, it rightfully won an honorable mention. The other award winner that Larry and I both loved was “Sacred Geography,” mixed media with acrylic. The mix included sand and gravel.

The exhibit is on till the end of the week, and if I can grab some time, I will return to look at the works we didn’t have chance to see and to revisit the favorites.



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