Good News

After yesterday’s depressing topic, here are some bits of good news, things to make one chuckle, or maybe not.

  • Headline of the day: “Idaho police arrest woman, 74, for allegedly pouring mayonnaise in library’s book drop box.” The best part of the story was the reference to “condiment-related crimes.” It reminded me of someone I heard of who was trying to get a draft deferment during the Vietnam War. He smeared his paperwork with mustard, then ketchup, and finally mayonnaise. He sent the latter set of papers with a note, “Pretty soon, you’ll have to keep my file in the refrigerator.” He received a 4-F deferment on psychiatric grounds, but it had nothing to do with the sandwich spreads.
  • More states are banning distracted driving. I don’t see much enforcement in Connecticut, and the number of people holding phones to their ears hasn’t decreased, but there’s always hope.
  • On the subject of motoring, the campaign for Drive Like Your Kids Live Here has great potential, but the cynical journalist side of me says that some psycho is going to say himself (most likely it’ll be a guy), “That’s right. I’ll run over the little bastards just like I did with my own kids. It’s good for ’em.” I hope and pray it doesn’t happen, but the world is certainly sick and twisted enough to make room for such lunacy.
  • Starbucks is going to offer free wi-fi. I guess that counts as good news even if the coffee still sucks.
  • This “Doonesbury” appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle. Love the image of the Goddess as a bored diva.
  • What’s wrong with Cougars aside from the image conjured by the word? There’s major discrimination raging on the internet, I suspect it is mostly controlled by middle-aged men who like the idea of allowing their peers to find much younger women but are repelled when their middle-aged ex-wives go after boy-toys. So they allow DateAMillionaire but ban The NYTimes article on the subject is good. The photo, priceless.
  • Fun on Skype. So I finally got the camera set up – though I do NOT like looking at myself in the little window – can’t it get rid of the wrinkles, saggy jaw, etc.? I Skyped Anna on Sunday – that was fun, but I feel rather locked into the computer chair. Can’t wander around the house while I talk. We talked to Larry’s sister in Iraq this morning. It’s seven hours ahead, and she was still at work so we couldn’t have video. Now I’m an hour or so from Skyping Ash and Kathryn who are three hours behind on the West Coast. I could see how this thing could keep a person up all day and all night.

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