Our New Neighbors

Mr. and Mrs. Robin have built a nest on our deck railing, and we’re hoping they don’t win a Darwin award.

Hatchin' action?

Kelli, who lives next door, told Larry that she’s pretty sure it’s the same pair that tried to build right over their back door. The nest fell apart every time someone went in or out. Then the birds moved to the chandelier under the roof of the patio in their back yard. The lampshades were too small to accommodate anything the size of a robin’s nest, but Mr. and Mrs. R. must have been persistent because there were sticks all over the patio every day.

Eventually they gave up and came over here. Why they settled on the deck is beyond me. Granted the lilac provides some camouflage. But the railing is at waist level and therefore accessible. So accessible in fact, that on Friday Larry caught the big yellow feline who patrols the neighborhood skulking along the railing and peering into the nest. He installed a barricade, which must have worked.

No robin this cradle

Mom is sitting on four eggs and flies away screeching whenever I open the back door. (Larry says she ignores him.) Other oddities: Given the time of year, it’s doubly puzzling that they’ve moved so close. This has to be their second batch of offspring unless they got a late start. Mr. and Mrs. R. also ignore Isis, who takes her daily nap within six feet of them. Maybe they know she can’t reach them, but they have to be able to smell her. She also ignores them, so there’s another mystery.

I’m also monitoring some redwing blackbirds in the marsh down the street. In this case, papa bird sets up a racket, flies across the street, and perches on a stem of marsh grass, singing away until I pass by. Reminds me of cycling along the marshes in Old Saybrook when I was a kid.

Robin hatching should be imminent, and we hope that the baby birdies survive till they’re old enough to fly. Updates will follow.

Now I really understand the concept of bird brained!


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