Thrilled This Day Is Over

It began auspiciously enough. I staggered around until the caffeine jolted me awake, wrote in the journal, and started my writing stint. About 9 I took a break so my mother-in-law could see Gisele in Iraq on Skype. The reception is best at mid-morning EDT, so I gathered up computer and vid cam. Warning bells should have gone off when I had to drive around the block and found no parking spaces at her apartment building, no parking spaces the entire length of the street and no parking spaces on the street around the corner. I wound up three blocks away, which is normally not a bad thing, except that I was carrying my computer, the web cam, my purse, and a full cup of coffee. It was headed toward 80 with humidity in the 70 percent range.

When I got to Ma’s I booted up the computer and tried to get a wi-fi connection. Ha! It said I was connected, but I really wasn’t. So Ma and Gisele chatted on the phone as they normally do. I was able to show her photos of the house with its fresh coat of paint and of the nest on the deck..

Returned home and wrote some more. Just as I was about to power down the computer, the anti-virus program decided to perform a scan, so I waited and then ran out the door for my volunteer stint at the hospital. Drove around and around looking for a parking space. Had to circle the block but finally found one. As I was walking in the door, I realized I was wearing sandals, which is a total no-no if one has patient contact. Even if they were allowed, my feet wouldn’t have survived two-plus hours of walking up and down the stairs. The elevators seem to be in a perpetual state of repair, so I just hike up and down. Returned home for the shoes. Good thing I pulled out of the lot because a security guard was radioing the tag numbers to see if staff and volunteers were parking in spaces intended for visitors. He was still there when I got back so I wound up parking three-plus blocks away. I don’t know if the city has cut back on spaces or everyone just decided to go downtown today but it was still congested when I left the hospital a couple of hours later.

Felt better after Reiki, though it was a bit disconcerting that the kitchen in the Hospice unit had no running water and thus no water and ice machine. Reiki dehydrates me so I’ve found every fountain, water cooler, etc. from the ground floor up.

After I finished, I decided it was time to have my chipped, peeling, and broken nails fixed, so I went to a new salon. Realized as I was walking in that I had forgotten to bring reading material but there is no longer a newsstand on Main Street and the bookstore was just a little too far away. Plus, the last thing I need to do at this point is buy more books. Actually it felt good to sit and do nothing. Then I realized that all I’d eaten was a bagel and I was really hungry. The nail care went well until the woman doing my pedicure tried to put my sandals on and realized she wouldn’t be able to paint my nails. So I waited an extra ten minutes in their emergency flip-flops until my toes dried.

At this point, I am planning nothing more strenuous than heating food from Its Only Natural and reading an Alexander McCall Smith mystery.


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