Here and There, This and That

Today had the makings of becoming a repeat of yesterday but was redeemed by a perfectly delightful lunch with my friends Thelma and Linda. More on that later in the entry.

  • First jolt of the morning came in the form of two shiny new garbage cans in the middle of the driveway. I thought maybe Larry had changed our trash collector, but it turned out that we’re joining the era of “single-stream recycling” where one tosses newspapers, cans, bottles, and plastic into one bin and trash in the other. No human hands touch it until it arrives at the transfer station. The truck picks up the can on a swing arm, so there will no longer be a guy running along as it rolls down the street. It also means that the company will have to send two trucks instead of one. Two trucks vs. one; new garbage cans; making someone sort piles of recyclables. I’m wondering if there really is a savings here.
  • Next excitement was an update from Windows. I wish these people would get their act together because the computer slowed yet again and then I had to do a reboot. Got a portion of my writing done, but the sludginess meant that I had to wait until I came back from lunch to finish.
  • When I was finally able to get to my email, I discovered that the aerobic workout I had tried to download from iTunes over the weekend did indeed work. Apple had sent the bill but couldn’t get the tunes into my computer because the “bonjour service” was suspended. How do you suspend a good morning? You either have one or you don’t. This morning and yesterday morning were a don’t. Anyway I revived bonjour and off we went – at a snail’s pace as these downloads use up beaucoup bandwidth. I was still trying to finish my writing stint so this delay was particularly annoying. And forget about backing up the word file. The thumb drive and iTunes don’t play well with each other.
  • That particular episode ended well at about 5 p.m. when I was able to find the downloads on the computer and the Nano. So I launched myself into Aerobics Nonstop. Favorite tunes: “Addicted to Love,” “U Can’t Touch This,” the stalker song aka “Every Breath You Take” (which is a joke because no one can follow all those breaths when they’ve speeded  everything up to an average of about 130 beats per minute,) and the favorite of the moment, “Gonna Make You Sweat.” Given the heat and humidity, I’m sweatin’ in the basement, which is 20 degrees cooler and has a dehumidifier so the sweat has a chance to evaporate.
  • Next I braved the stifling heat (88 on the homeward trip) and got out the door for lunch a few minutes late. We went to Sushi California where Linda had sushi for the first time. We had a great time talking, giggling. A review of the restaurant will follow at some point but there will be no Sushi Friday blog this week as I have other plans.
  • More frustration after I dropped the ladies at their respective abodes because I forgot Stop & Shop doesn’t sell the kind of dry food that Isis eats. I have to go to Cromwell for it and was not about to visit two supermarkets in one day. So until Friday she’ll be dining on Newman’s Own (love the cartoon).
  • My take on the McChrystal story in Rolling Stone; The reporter may be a brilliant journalist, but he’s also an arrogant SOB, and I’m not so sure about the brilliant part, either. When Michelle Norris of “All Things Considered” asked if the general would “admonish” his staff for making anti-Biden jokes, Michael Hastings responded, “Have you hung out with the military much?” After she replied, “I certainly haven’t spent the kind of time that you spent with military” he sounded both defensive and patronizing. It reminded me of Bill Clinton’s answers at press conferences where he would say something like, “The fact that you’re asking that question shows you have no understanding of the issue.” Hastings must have pretty limited people skills, too, since he was surprised that his article has caused such a firestorm. Or maybe he’s always worked in jobs where insulting his boss’s boss is acceptable. I agree with the comment on the NPR web site: “this journalist is surprised???? Geeze, what is his IQ about 80?”

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