Quick Hit, One Day Late

Yesterday was supposed to be a quick hit because I started working on a long-form entry comparing two nineteenth century authors and the weather service was terrorizing us with the threat of tornadoes. (One actually did hit Bridgeport.)  But it turned into a no-hit because of the weather and because we dashed out the door to join Larry’s Vietnam veteran buddies at their weekly dinner. We haven’t been in ages and felt it was time.

Anyway, here’s what was supposed to go up on Thursday. I’ll post one over the weekend because tonight we’re going to watch the Connecticut Sun play the Phoenix Mercury. We’re rooting for the Sun, which has three former UConn players, except we also want to cheer for ex-Husky Diana Taurasi. It’s a win either way.

Wednesday nearly tied Tuesday for problems. I turned on the A/C in the bedroom for the first time Wed. night. The temp had reached the point where I was willing to put up with the racket just because it was sooo hot outside. Anyway I had settled into bed for maybe two minutes and bam! the power went out. We scouted around and discovered that it was in fact the entire neighborhood and not just a freak circuit breaker in the house. Stumbled around a bit more and found the flashlights. Of course almost stepped on the cat in the process of stumbling before finding the light. Called Northeast Utilities (ah, the benefits of a landline not attached to a cordless phone). Got Voicemail Mary saying that the company was aware of an outage in the area and that restoration of power normally takes “up to three hours.” Of course there isn’t a human to be found anywhere. Finally returned to bed and fell asleep before I became drenched with sweat. One blessing: it was absolutely quiet, with no fans, no A/C, nothing except the occasional car passing by. Woke up Thursday a.m. to find that the power had been out just exactly one and half hours. No further information is available from any news source, or from NU.

The rest of today I intended to catch up on work and clean my desk, even though it would obviously be an exercise in futility. In the afternoon as I was hustling to finish some odds and ends, a thunderstorm rolled through, I decided to ignore it and keep working. Well, the power dimmed enough to cut the wi-fi signal but the computer stayed on. However, today it has been nothing but sludge.


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