Dueling Topics

Things get old fast, so here are two items that will go stale faster than you can say World Cup Championship. Notwithstanding the soccer congoscenti I’m rooting for the Netherlands just to see some part of the nation conquer their former colonizers. Speaking of former colonies …

HRH Braves NYC or Timing Is Everything?

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II hasn’t been to New York in thirty-four years, and I’ll bet she wished she’d stayed home this time. Not for any sour grapes over losing the most successful of her former colonies or that later kerfuffle over the former colonies that started in 1812. No, my guess is Queen Liz wanted to stay home where the high temperature will be 84 in the next few days. She looked cool (if a bit frumpy, as usual) in enormous beige hat garnished with a feather accents that matched the blue, beige and white suit with ruffles at the bottom of the jacket and skirt. She was also wearing gloves (white of course) and stockings despite temps in and around the hundreds that met and broke records. With an annual income about $12 million, you’d think she’d be able to buy a bit of good taste, not to mention a cooler outfit for a sweltering day. That suit at least looked more temperature appropriate than the fire-engine red number with white hat and red accent that she sported in Canada. Somehow I have this feeling that she’s left orders that whatever the color, the hat accent must match the suit/dress or whatever. And maybe she should have added a hat to the “recycled” dress? It should have stayed in the recycle bin. Or maybe she should have donated it to charity. And finally a question. What does she do about hat hair? Is that why she never appears in public without something on her head. Gotta keep it lookin’ good for the crown!

I’m not sure if it’s the weather that keeps HRH away, but she’s only been to NYC three times in her lifetime. With an average of 18 years between visits, it seems she might stay more than a few hours. Of course it was proper that she spent more time  in her more recent former colony of Canada.

Stupid Move of the Year

Since I’m just catching up on the backlog of emails, I missed this when it surfaced at the end of last week. Judges in Pennsylvania have ordered newspapers to delete stories about five people who want their criminal records expunged.

The boneheaded lawyer who included the publications in his proposed order said he added them because wiping his clients’ records from official documents wouldn’t be complete if the information was still available on Google. Since when does any governmental entity have the right to tell a news organization to obliterate a news story, short of some major threat to public safety? Presumably the paper version of the story will still be available, so there is no way to explain how deleting the e-record satisfies the lawyer’s objection. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the article reporting the story included the names and charges of the five people involved.


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