Too Hot To Think

It was 81 degrees inside the house when I came downstairs this morning and 84 outside. The only one who seems to be enjoying this weather is the Goddess, who is taking her daytime naps on the porch, preferably in the sun. As for the rest of us, it’s too hot to do anything, including thinking, so here’s a quick recap of the weekend.

The big excitement on Friday was a trip to Staples, spent less than $20 and only bought what I needed, which may be a record. Larry tells people I’m not allowed in the place without adult supervision. The rest of the day I struggled with the latest writing project and washed the electric blanket, the final winter wash item. I think we had leftovers for dinner, but at this point I can’t remember back that far.

I did the usual chores on Saturday, plus finally stored the comforter and duvet cover. Note to self: no matter what the instructions claim, take the comforter to the laundry next year to avoid a deluge under the washer. The dehumidifier is working hard enough these days without having to abate the Great Flood. Thought for two seconds about going to Cyp to listen to the music, decided it was too much effort to get out of the house.

Deb had her cookout on Sunday with the usual huge mass of food for a very few people: to start chips, nuts, shrimp, mussels. I supplied cheese and crackers and veggies and dip. Then she served corn on the cob, salad, fruit salad, burgers, hot dogs, Italian sausage and kielbasa. Our friend Sal brought superlative pasta salad. Dessert consisted of cheesecake decorated with blueberries and strawberries, plus a cake supplied by Aunt Kathy, with blueberries and strawberries spread out to look like the Stars and Stripes.

It was brutally hot but an occasional breeze made it bearable. Little did we know what was to come. We had pretty much endless sirens from about one p.m. on. Found out later that a two-car crash had killed a fetus and seriously injured the mother and another person.

Larry had to supervise an American Legion softball game, so I came home. Isis emerged from her sauna on the porch with the first retort of fireworks. Even though it was cooling off, I put the air conditioner on and we hunkered down in the bedroom. I went to bed at 10 p.m. to avoid the worst of the racket, which continued until I fell asleep at about 11:30.

On Monday I did absolutely nothing – well, read the Sunday Times and did three evil-level Sudoku.

Today is slated for the high nineties with ugly humidity. As soon as I stepped on the deck I started to sweat, but I took a cue from the ladies in the islands and hauled out an umbrella to use as a parasol. No one laughed although I did receive a couple of amused looks. Have just returned from my volunteer time at the hospital. The thermometer in the car said it was 101, but I was parked on blacktop in the sun. Now gearing up to go to the wake for Bill Pomfret, who was a true giant. It’s so nice to see only positive comments following a story in the Press.

P.S.: It took more than an hour to get through the receiving line at the funeral home – they opened extra doors but people were three and four deep well into the parking lot. I went with Deb, and when we left, the thermometer on the car read 104. Again that was parked in the sun on blacktop, but still…

It is now 9:10 p.m. and says it has dropped to 88. Whoopee!


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