Yahoo! News?

Quick update on yesterday’s “Stupid Move of the Year”: The newspapers will not have to expunge the records of the defendants in question. So glad to read it, but a bit dismayed to learn that the idiot lawyer had submitted forty-one such proposed orders.

For today’s little adventure in blogging, I decided to check out Yahoo! News. First I Yahooed (is that a word?) my mother and came up with two ads, one for The Street and one for black authors. And then an arrest report for someone named (yipe!) Elizabeth Ann Petry. I’d be upset if she hadn’t misspelled her first name.

Yahooed myself and learned someone with the last name Petry had made the honor roll in Collier County, Florida.

Yahooing Daddy produced an ad for an Intellius listing and results for the Cornell University baja racing team. He’d be pleased to be on an Ivy League web site but you’d have to pay him the combined fortunes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to get into one of those dune-buggy looking things and even then he’d probably back out.

Based on the above results, I don’t think the folks at Google news need to worry.

But then there’s The Upshot.

Stay tuned for a review after it’s been around for a bit.


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    […] taken a few days to monitor Yahoo! News, (“Yahoo! News?”). Conclusion: uneven and […]

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