In Search of Sandals

This entry is coming to you from an air conditioned bedroom. Larry and I had to go to a function this evening where the temperature in the meeting room was in the vicinity of 65 degrees. Needless to say, when we arrived home the house felt awful, so I moved myself upstairs. Isis is not happy about sharing “her” time with my laptop, but she’ll get over it.

Among my chores over the weekend was an errand to buy cat litter. The cheapest place around (except for Wal Mart, which I refuse to patronize for a variety of reasons) is Target. While I was on the premises, I decided to look for replacement sandals, the real thing, made of leather, not the “house shoes,” a pair of much worn flip-flops. The black Tommy Hilfigers are stretched almost to the point where I can’t walk in them. Plus they have feline teeth marks – she only attacks the pairs that cost more than $25. The brown pair made by Bass (?) is in even worse shape. These old workhorses have stood me in good stead over many, many summers but the time has long since passed to retire them for new models.

Target offered: platform heels, which I don’t wear because they represent an instant sprained ankle; four-inch heels, ditto; and flip-flops of which I have many, but only one pair that offers any comfort. Then I went in the mall across the street.  Every Target I’ve visited in Connecticut is across from a mall, or within shouting distance. First stop at this mall was Sears because I happened to walk in the entrance nearest the women’s shoe department. I saw more of the same, plus a few pairs that had the right heel but with the toes almost closed in – no good in hot weather – and lots with high heels. Wandered into Macy’s and saw more of the same. Went to the shoe outlet. Their sandals looked like boots without toes (these links are to the Macy’s web site but similar) ; strappy little numbers covered with rhinestones; and one pair that I liked but that didn’t exist in my size.

Came home and went on Zappos. Found exactly what I was looking for and got “This size/color combo is not available.” Arrgghh!

Sometime in the next few days I’m going to have to take myself to the outlets in Westbrook and Clinton and do some serious searching. Meanwhile I’ll be stumbling around in sandals that don’t fit.


3 Responses to “In Search of Sandals”

  1. Betsy Says:

    I have had the miracle of finding Merrell sandals! Try finding Merrell Shoes online and see if you can find something appropriate. They are cute, comfortable, durable and have actual arch support!

    I got these and though a bit pricey, the comfort level is fabulous!

  2. lizr128 Says:

    Thanks, Betsy,
    I’ve given up on web searches because every site I visit now has ads for the very Zappos sandal that they no longer have in my size! I’m headed to the discount mall first chance.

  3. Redux, Redux IV Chapter 2 « Lizr128′s Blog Says:

    […] the sandals (“In Search of Sandals”) at Bass outlet for one-third of the retail […]

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