Music for Reiki

Filing very late tonight because a thunderstorm with a threatened tornado hit just as I was preparing this entry. Then another hit as we were preparing to see the Arts Integration & Multiple Intelligences and the National Dance Institute’s annual performance. (See “I’m a Believer”  and “Singing and Dancing with Frida and Diego”)The theme this year is storytelling. Review to follow.

The hospital where I volunteer provides CDs for us to play during Reiki. The selection is limited so I was thrilled to find new music. It was Zen by Daniel May. (I thought the author was Daniel Way because of the handwriting.) I’m not providing a link because I’m not sure the CD I found online is the same as the version at the hospital. The music has a light, airy tone. Each time I hear it I feel myself walking in a cool, misty green pine forest, listening to a few distant birds and maybe an occasional small waterfall. A great many of the patients enjoy it, and some ask for the name of the CD. One woman asked if she could take it with her.

I hadn’t realized the major importance of music to the experience until I was once instructed to play perform Reiki on a patient without music. I found the entire session disorienting and not particularly relaxing.  On a surface level, nothing covered the noises in the hall and the racket of ambulances roaring up to the emergency room. On a more subliminal level, I never entered the meditative state as deeply as I normally do. Since there are a limited number of CDs, I use various musical cues to guide what I’m doing. They were utterly lacking for the “silent” patient.

I was playing Zen during a therapy session a few weeks ago when it began to stutter and skip. I reached over and tried to advance to another track, but it happened again. After I finished  and apologized to the patient’s family I tried the CD on a different player – and tried a different CD on the boom box. Sadly, it was the CD.

During each following week, I tried one CD after another. Reiki (no other name) was either played too much or recorded at the wrong speed. Heart of Reiki: Merlin’s Magic works well,  but I’ve grown tired of it after a couple of years, even skipping among tracks.

I used to play Randeane Tetu’s Sacred Healing Symbols but that seems to have developed a screech. I’m now looking around for other music to play at the hospital and for my own private sessions for friends and relatives. At this point my personal favorite remains Angel Harp by my friend the Reverend John Sansone. Each note seems to guide additional healing through me to the person receiving the Reiki. But I’d like to branch out.

Found Shirley Cason’s music browsing around. Like Relaxing Piano Music. Back to the Island and Spa Music are less satisfying and I’m still ambivalent about Inner Peace, the CD, not the personal state.

Just for Today Do not worry, Accept

Just for today, do not anger.

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to all living things.

– Dr. Mikao Usui

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  1. Consciousness and Spirituality Says:

    Scientific Studies on Reiki…

    This is great! I’ve added this to my blog (trackbak) if you don’t mind? Let me know if you do….

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