Quick Hit

I had intended to write about my adventures with the In Style facial, but I’ll need some time, a commodity that is sorely lacking today. Hence a quick hit.

How could I have gone two years with this blog without mentioning one of my favorite people, Tom Lehrer? Today’s post in Slate (from the column “Procrastinate Better”) reminded of how funny and sometimes alarming he could be.

My first acquaintance was “National Brotherhood Week,” a vicious attack on bigotry, followed by his send up or take down of the Catholic church in “The Vatican Rag.” I remember singing “two, four, six, eight, time to transubstantiate” in seventh grade and having a very serious Kathy McKinley tell me I was going to hell for saying that sort of thing. My mental response (unvoiced) was “Hell, no!” My lifelong urge to rebel arrived fully formed at that moment, aided and abetted by my dad’s constant sharing of Mad magazine. (See my very first blog post, “Where’s Alfred E. when you need him?”)

Then I discovered “So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III).” Somehow this one got mixed up with the end of Dr. Strangelove. Another blog entry may involve figuring out how that happened.

I’ve now wasted enough time singing along with Professor Lehrer that I could have written the facial post. One observation about the You Tube videos: I had no idea he was as telegenic and as much of an actor as he was.

The country lost a valuable creator of social commentary when he gave up performing in favor of professing math. But at least we can listen to his gems again with the release of the CD compilation.

Thanks, Tom!


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