Ban Robo Calls

To: Connecticut politicians

Fm: A voter

Call this the anti-politics entry. Every time I’ve returned to the house in the past few days and often when I pick up the phone while I’m home, the voice of one of your robo calls echoes in my ear. The echo covers every stripe of politician in the state: For Ned Lamont; against Ned Lamont; for Dan Malloy; against Dan Malloy; for Mike Jarjura, against Mike Jarjura; for Kevin Lembo, against Kevin Lembo. Etc., etc. And on and on. Dick Blumenthal, your campaign called tonight, and you are not even opposed in the primary. Of course the pimp from the WWE has to spend all that money somehow so I guess you feel threatened.

Tuesday, which is primary day, can’t come fast enough. If I get any more infuriated I might not vote. Then I would betray the legacy of my family members, especially my grandfather, who wasn’t allowed to vote. So I’ll grit my teeth and pick the folks who made the fewest calls and left the fewest messages. That’s you, Denise Napier.

Of course once primary silly season is over, we’ll have to put up with the same nonsense for the general election.

You politicians were on our side when we rose up to oppose unsolicited telemarketing calls from commercial establishments. I haven’t heard one of those in nearly five years. Non-profits are exempt. And I mostly sympathize with those organizations, which have few ways of soliciting funds. One exception: If Big Brothers-Big Sisters doesn’t stop calling every month to pick up used clothing, I may just start taking my clothes elsewhere. I eliminate old clothing twice year. I mean, how many old clothes do they think two adults have to give away?

But of course you politicians would never exempt yourselves from unsolicited calls. I might not mind as much, but the sound quality is simply horrendous, as though people were talking from the bottom of a well through a tin-can and string telephone. And the scripts you give the live people are beyond pitiful. Please, send your writers for a month or two of training at one of the day-time soaps to improve the dialogue.

Finally here’s my campaign pledge to you politicians: I will vote for any candidate, on any party Dem, Rep, ind., communist, fascist, socialist, whatever that will pledge to ban robo calls.


One Response to “Ban Robo Calls”

  1. Harv Goldstein Says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAY for Liz! We got home from New York tonight only to have two robo calls (thank goodness for the ability to push 77 and end the call). Like you, I’ve had a number of calls in the past two weeks. One candidate’s call team called me twice within a few hours to find out who I was supporting in the primary. My mail tonight was all from candidates telling me why their opponent was no good – nothing about what they will do if elected. If they would all take their collective moneys spent on this silly advertising that goes right in the trash, we might be able to pare down the state debt.

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