Twins, Twins, Twins, Twins

Jack Shafer would probably file this with his bogus trend stories. But my consciousness has been overwhelmed with twins in the past few weeks. Our most famous local twins are Jim and Joe Carta who own Cypress. (That baby in the photo on the home page is Joe’s first granddaughter, Ella, who will be a year old next week.)

Jim and Joe are “mirror image twins,” which means that they are identical twins with parts of the bodies mirrored. One is left handed, the other right handed. And in this case they are both somewhat crazy. They are also the same age as Larry, so we kind of take their twin-ness for granted.

More recently my friend Patty Pettit had twins, but Collin and Gavin will be four on their next  birthday, so the novelty has dwindled there as well.

Everything on the duo front changed about six weeks ago. Larry’s cousin, Lorraine, announced she was having twins, at which point her dad found two couples in town who are already grandparents of twins. Then I ran into a volunteer at the hospital, and she told me of another woman who was about to deliver twins. The grandmother of these twins is friends with Lorraine’s mom, so they’ll have plenty to discuss.

Then I went to a bridal shower over the weekend. The sister of the bride-to-be is expecting twins – her second set in a row. Those of us at the table could not think of another instance where someone had two sets one right after the other. The first set in this family are identical little girls just old enough to serve as flower girls for their auntie’s wedding next month. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have to face two consecutive sets of diapers, etc. Inconveniently the second pair is a boy and a girl, so only one-half of the set will be able to wear the older sisters’ clothing. At least I hope they kept the car seats and the strollers. Oh, well.

Just to avoid a total bogus trend, I consulted The Twins Foundation. Turns out that this burgeoning twin phenomenon is not all in my imagination. Pairs represent about two percent of the U.S. population, but the number increased by thirty-three percent between 1978 and 1988. The reasons appear lower in the “17 Facts” list: women who delay pregnancy till after age 30 increase their chance of having multiple births; the increased use artificial means either to encourage or prevent pregnancy can lead to multiples down the line. That list also proffers some truly sad statistics. We’ll hope and pray that all moms and all babies are healthy and happy from birth on. And that all dad’s recover quickly so they can provide maximum support.


One Response to “Twins, Twins, Twins, Twins”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Last weekend was Twins Festival in Twinsburg OH. Twins and other multiples come from all over the country to celebrate their twinness? It’s like watching the Double Mint Gum commercials everywhere you look!

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