Quick note: Just because I can’t get Smart Source in the NYTimes any more will not encourage me to buy Murdoch’s WSJ.

I haven’t done any coincidences for a while. Last mention was ‘Part II ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Last actual entry ‘Another ‘Coincidence.’

Two hit me in the past few days, so it’s obviously time.

The first one occurred when I decided to give Larry, who has the best green thumb, the pit from the avocado that I used on my hair as part of blogging In Style beauty tips. (That entry is forthcoming, I promise.) The other ingredients in the conditioner made sense, but I had been wondering about avocado as part of the “conditioning” phase. Well, I hauled out my old and well-loved copy of Richard W. Langer’s The After-Dinner Gardening Book. He has a funny chapter titled “Please Lower the Floor, and Other Problems with Avocados,” concerning Arthur, who grew so tall that he had to relocate from Langer’s apartment to the local junior high school. At the end of the chapter, Langer discusses how avocado oil is among the most refined of all vegetable oils. It was being used by American cosmetics manufacturers but it has a much longer heritage. Larry did not appreciate it when I told him that the folks in Central and South America use the oil to prevent baldness. A minor coincidence, maybe, but an answer to my question. I bought an avocado in 2010 to use as Langer predicted people would forty-odd years ago.

The next coincidence occurred over a couple of days. I’ve been in touch with a man who is a former neighbor of my parents and a very dear friend of my mother’s. We had been corresponding, and I made arrangements to meet with him on Thursday. Wednesday night I was thumbing through a six-week old copy of The New Yorker and came upon this article. My parents had a print of the painting on p. 77 hanging in their living room. It shared the southeast corner with “Third-Class Coach.”

The two paintings made a gloomy statement. All the color in the room came from the Oriental rug and the paintings on the west wall.

I never knew the name of the Burchfield and thought it was depressing when I was a kid. I’ve seen other copies with more color, but the one in the magazine, like the one on my parents’ wall, has grown on me. Now I think it is truly evocative of an era and a kind of frozen purity. Now it’s also a message from Mother.


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