Busy Weekend, Again

A quick note before the main event: Wesleyan University took its spot among the nation’s top twenty colleges and universities. Kind of ironic that its chief rival, Williams, came in No. 1 in the student-sponsored survey.

Main event: We had another busy weekend, but this time I can fit everything into one entry. We attended a surprise fiftieth birthday party on Saturday evening for Larry’s cousin Clarence “Man” Riley. The evening featured serious amounts of food, good company and excellent music supplied by another cousin, DJ Thomas Riley. Man claimed he really was surprised, though I don’t know how his huge family (mother, brother, three sisters, daughter, and a gazillion nieces, nephews, and friends) kept it a secret. An Elvis impersonator showed up. Everyone generally had a great time.

I had settled in to catch up on some paperwork Sunday afternoon when Larry said he had reached our friends who gave us tickets to the Connecticut Sun (see “Busy Weekend II.”) Did I want to go to another game? We hustled around, picked up the tickets and managed to avoid all but a tiny delay in traffic on I-95, no mean feat, considering it was 4 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon just before school is due to start. Sadly we had no sightings of Harv and Nancy along the route or at the game. We arrived at the Mohegan reservation twenty minutes before tip-off but got to the game two minutes in because the parking lots – that’s lots, plural – were filling up with alarming speed.

The game disappointed Sun fans. The Indiana Fever with former UConn Husky Jessica Moore and former Tennessee Vol Tamika Catchings out shot and out rebounded the Sun for a 79-66 win. Doubly frustrating, the officiating was worse than at the previous game. Refs called non-existent fouls and ignored blatant fouls and travels. Most of the calls went against the Sun until the fourth period and may well have made a difference in the outcome. I didn’t realize until today that the defeat meant no playoff spot for the Sun.

The highlight of the evening was the awards ceremony honoring Nykesha Sales, top scorer for the Sun. Even though she hasn’t played for the WNBA since 2007, she said she is not retiring and plans to return to the league. She also displayed the kind of class that has always been a hallmark of Geno’s former Huskies. She acknowledged Sun team member Tina Charles, who broke Sales’s record as top scorer at UConn last year.

We left the game about three minutes before the end when it became obvious that the Sun couldn’t overtake the Fever’s drives. It was a good thing we did. We got seats just in time at the Summer Shack, a seafood place that Harv and Nancy introduced us to on the last visit. After we’d been seated about 10 minutes, a guy who came in said there was a half-hour wait. It was all the people that had just left the game.

Summer Shack offered up an excellent meal. Larry had a salad with blue cheese dressing and a pound of steamers, which he pronounced most satisfying. I had bluefish with peppery broccoli rabe, roasted potatoes, and piquant a red-onion relish.

Then we proceeded to play a little on the slot machines. I lost the $20 I put in. Larry came away $15 ahead.

Altogether a good evening.



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