These Cats Rocked Thursday Night

Larry’s Vietnam veterans group sponsored a fundraiser Thursday for the New Britain Rock Cats game. I haven’t had that much fun in ages. The weather was perfect – hot and a bit sticky when we arrived. Better after the sun set. And the Cats 7-6 win made it all just perfect.

The pre-game festivities included a couple of blasts from musket fire that jolted folks out of their seats. The rifleman led the Moodus Fife and Drum Corps, which played the “Star Spangled Banner.”

The game did not start auspiciously. After the Richmond Flying Squirrels scored three runs in the first inning, I commented to no one in particular that this was going to be a long, long game. It boded to be even longer when the Rock Cats scored an answering three runs off the Squirrels. The second inning came as welcome relief.

A brief aside: Who on this planet names a team after a rodent that gets eaten by, among other things, owls and house cats? I could digress into something about the owl and the pussycat, but will move along. Rock cats are also a bit of a mystery, but at least Rocky looks something like an actual feline.

About the end of the fourth inning the hard plastic seats got to me, and I took a walk to look at the concessions – the food, the Rock Cats memorabilia, the fundraising booths for Yale-New Haven Hospital, for the fight against prostate cancer, and so forth. The place caters to small children, who were much in attendance and seemed to be having almost as much fun as I was.

I got back to the seats just in time to watch the Cats take the lead with a two-run single, which had followed a bases-loaded walk that I missed. We speculated whether Chris Parmelee, who hit the single, was a local boy. The name Parmelee goes back into the eighteenth century around these here parts. But, alas, the first-baseman hails from Long Beach, California.

One sad episode put a damper on the evening. A foul ball hit a little girl. The last we saw the security folks were surrounding her dad, who was carrying her out of the stadium. I didn’t hear sirens, so I assume she was OK.

The prediction for longevity held. It was well after 10 as we were walking out of the the stadium, but the rain gods blessed us. A sprinkling fell as we left the seats, and it started pouring by the time we reached the car.

I’ve never been to New Britain without getting lost, and this time was no exception. We managed to stumble back to the highway, via a detour, as the deluge continued. At home, fifteen miles away, we were still waiting for rain hours later. It never arrived.


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