Redux, Redux IV Chapter 2

So glad I delayed part of the redux visit because I received a couple of new pieces of info for further updates.

  • Connecticut’s high school graduation rates need help. See “Unrealistic Expectations” and “Education Gap.”  The first story focused on changes in the way school districts track students: 79 percent, overall, with 66 percent for African Americans and 58 percent for Hispanics. These figures were significantly lower than previously understood. Then along came the report on the second-rate graduation rates for black males, which stands at 60 percent for black males, compared to eighty three percent for white males. I’m not going to try to explain the discrepancies. They probably have to do with the use of different years and the change in accounting that led to the drop in Connecticut’s overall rate.
  • We haven’t convicted any more public officials in the past two months (“And Another One Bites the Dust.”), at least that I know of. Joe Ganim, formerly mayor of Bridgeport, is out from under his prison sentence as of July 19. See the sixth item, below the photo. Ex state Sen. Ernie Newton, also from Bridgeport, still has to serve his halfway house time.
  • I’ve done a second trip to Staples (“Too Hot To Think”) and bought only what I needed, a ream of paper for $4.29 plus tax, for which I will receive a $3.99 rebate. Not bad. A third such trip and I will declare myself in full recovery from my addiction.
  • Also from “Too Hot To Think,” we were laughing today about how we are just finishing the spring chores (Larry putting away winter shirts, me washing the cat’s bed). It will be time to haul them all out again soon.
  • Drew Johnson (“Service to Others“) is now following me on Twitter. I’ll try to tweet more. Wish I were volunteering in Maine along side him and his fellow volunteers.
  • I am about to embark on another hair repair process. (See In Style: The Hair) but have concluded that I won’t be doing it too often. I could never use up an entire container of whipping cream before it went sour and when I whip it for the two tablespoons in the recipe I wind up eating the rest, which is not good for the arteries or for the waistline.

From the last Redux:

  • Global Post still going strong with its regular stories and has added a premium, paid section.
  • Dick Blumenthal is facing World Wrestling Entertainment’s Linda McMahon for Chris Dodd’s Senate seat. (I guess he held it long enough to call it his.) This contest will determine whether elective posts really are up for sale.
  • Weather continues to be a topic. The nor’easter that blew through Sunday night destroyed my gorgeous butterfly bush. I know it’ll grow back, but it’s sad looking at these little brown stalks. It was hiding bloom from the clematis so I can’t complain too much.
  • Public Bar and Grill (“Public Confusion”) closed for good in April. The former owner has announced he is filing suit against the city and the state. The new place that went in, Downtown Bar and Grill, promises local food, local entertainment, etc. Sorry, no web link yet except on Facebook and I don’t like to encourage that sort of thing.

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