Yahoo! News Encore

Having washed windows, cleaned the fridge, washed curtains, shopped for groceries and weights to hold down the table cloths, I’m taking a break before I move on to the next set of chores. Also hoping that we don’t get an Earl assault that might delay Anna’s arrival.

It’s taken a few days to monitor Yahoo! News, (“Yahoo! News?). Conclusion: uneven and unsatisfying.

My pre-news experience was the little green and red arrows that indicate the direction of the Dow, a depressing, disconcerting and financially inaccurate way to start the day.

My initial sense was of a heavy reliance on the Associated Press but today and yesterday more reports are coming from Reuters and others. Content is similar everywhere. Thursday afternoon led with Earl, who was beginning to churn through North Carolina. The off-lead, a here-we-go again oil rig explosion.

The Upshot leans heavily toward political news. Since it is an election year that’s an obvious choice. The site was also late on a pickup from Time about Obama’s popularity, which Slate had this morning. Upshot also late on Stephen Hawking taking God out of the creation theory.

AFP provides Yahoo! News its best items, including “wired unable to write” I read that story while writing “Your Brain On …” but decided not to wander so far afield.

This time a search of the news turned up nothing for Daddy or for me, but Ann Petry showed up with a discussion from a couple of weeks ago of one of her short stories in Tucson, Arizona.

On the local level I like the fact that the site lifts from several news purveyors, but limits itself to the Courant and JRC publications. Unfortunately at 4 p.m., the five lead stories were the reopening of I-91; Earl, two stories; and child falls from window, two stories. The Eye still provides the best coverage for Middletown.

In the not exactly news category – or what the business calls “news you can use,” this came from Real Simple. I particularly like cleaning battery contacts in e-devices with cotton swabs and cleaning the toilet with Alka-Seltzer. But if the stuff will clean toilets, what does it do to one’s insides? The other suggestion, to use it on bites, is OK, but diluted ammonia works just was well on bee stings and baking soda paste just as well on mosquito bites. Alkaline is alkaline.

Break is over. … Now I’m back for the evening. I’ve cleaned the litter box and hung the curtains. Negotiated time on my neighbor’s smoker for the bluefish. Will now brine said fish. Then it will be time for a nice lo-o-o-ng commune with The New Yorker followed by an even longer commune with the shower.


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