Here and There, This and That

I’m cobbling together a few items. The faster I go, the behinder I get!

Reality Check: Thank you, Randal Maurice Jelks, for citing The Street as a source of information about the impact of the Great Depression on young people. I especially like that he classed my mother with Studs Terkel and John Steinbeck as purveyors of information about what it was like before the most recent crisis. Things really were much, much more difficult “back then.”

You Tube: Here are links to two great videos. I’ve posted a link to “Call Me …” on Facebook. I still hate the word but the message in the video is right on and that boy who delivers it is spectacular!

And for something less serious but equally amazing, watch “Dancing Merengue Dog.” When I first tried to link to it, it had crashed because so many people have viewed it.  You Tube said a team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched and posted two screens of code for them to work on. The monkeys must have found the problem.

Trend Micro: My anti-virus program needs sensitivity training. It sent me an email addressed to “Mr. Liz Riley.”

Idiocy Reigns: Overheard at the airport on Friday while I was waiting for my cousin’s plane to arrive. A guy was trying to impress the woman with him.

Guy: And they call it Bradley International Airport.

Woman: International? Where do the planes fly?

Guy: Canada probably, and Puerto Rico.

I restrained myself from running after them and screaming, “Puerto Rico is not a foreign country, you dufus!” But I figured it was useless to try to correct his egregious ignorance.

Lies, Damn Lies, and …: Two stories that must be linked but I haven’t figured out how. The first one is downright confusing. If I understand it correctly Connecticut’s economy has a major player that’s hidden in plain sight. They are people who don’t collect a regular paycheck so there’s no way to measure their income or their numbers . What does this information mean for all the former analysis of the state’s economy? Beats me. Then I found another report that we have among the lowest manufacturing costs in the country. The business people always claim otherwise. So what does that information say about the state of manufacturing? Beats me, again.

Bed Bugs: Terry Gross is conducting an interview about bed bugs, and I’m starting to itch.


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