Skechers, etc.

Quick note: As I listened to Terry Gross interview David Rakoff I picked up “Writing at Wesleyan.” Who is on the list for the Russell House series? David Rakoff. He merits an entire blog, not just an entry. He’ll be at Wesleyan on November 10 and so will I.

Quick note II: Wooden nickels pay dividends. Larry and I went for senior day at Lyman’s. I used their version of customer appreciation. (“I Take Wooden Nickels”). The result was the best applesauce either one of us has ever tasted. Better yet, it was free! Well, actually I had to spend $75 to get a $5 jar, but it was more than worth it.

Now for the main event, here’s the required ethics statement: I paid for my Skechers and am not receiving any money from the company for any comments I make about its products.

Now for the rave.

My second attempt to locate sandals (‘Redux, Redux IV Chapter 2’) produced two pairs of Bass. I have not worn them since I bought them because I went across to another discount shoe place and bought a pair of Skechers Toneups. I’m Ninjafied! And no, I did not pay $50 for them.

I’ve owned a couple of pairs of Skechers, including a cute pair of slides, for a number years. Useless for much of anything but walking to the car and into the mall, which I seldom do. Hence after five years they still look like new. Hence I was not prepared for these babies. Except for a couple of chilly evenings when I had to don regular shoes, and my volunteer efforts at the hospital (no slides allowed), I’ve not had them off. In fact they’ve already stretched so much I’ve got little marks on the sides of my feet where the thong part is rubbing. It’ll be time to retire them for the season soon. Anyway, I raved about them so much that Anna bought a pair while she was visiting and didn’t take hers off after she put them on, either.

The slightly raised and very cushioned heel makes make me feel as though I’m walking on a cloud. I’m not sure about claims that wearers burn more calories and that they improve posture, but I do know that my legs feel stronger. They came with a little booklet which has disappeared into the bowels of my office. If I find it I’ll update this entry with relevant info.

I was in the market for a new pair of running/walking shoes because the ones I had were too small. After a couple of wearings, the toenails fell off both my big toes. Note to self: never again buy running shoes in the depths of winter. I gave Anna my just about new pair and went in search of something better while she looked for shoes for work at the same place where I had purchased the Toneups.

There were floor to ceiling piles of boxes of Skechers Shape-ups. I’m not only Ninjafied, I’m Action Packed! And no, I did not pay $100 for them. But they are worth it. The ads claim it’s like walking on sand and it really does feel that way. Since I’ve worn them, I no longer have any pain in my knees or hips. The shin splints are gone, and I can feel that my leg muscles are even stronger than they were with the Toneups. (The copy editor in me is asking why there is a hyphen with shape and not with tone…) The journalist in me is asking how much of this is marketing hype, even as my legs are enjoying the feeling.

The Shape-ups came with a booklet that describes the various models and provides warmup (hyphen?) exercises. Testimonials are included, too. A separate booklet contains a diet guide with the all important BMI at the beginning. Most of the advice is sensible: avoid junk food, balance meals, don’t skip. But diet soda should not be on the list. Also, noting that most people don’t want to cook at the end of a long day and then suggesting a meal of baked potato, grilled swordfish, and asparagus seems self-defeating. How about suggesting people cook several dishes over the weekend (not including fish) and freeze for use during the week?

The last little goodie in the shoe box was “Shape-ups: Shape Up While You Walk,” a DVD to get started. I have only done the 5 minute warmup and the 15 minute workout. Talk about a burn! Will post again when I’ve worked my way up to the 30 minute torture – I mean session. One positve finding: I’m (more than) a few years beyond the target age for the customers, but my balance is excellent and except for a couple of arm waving parts, I could do the advanced level without a problem.

Of course I didn’t look at any of the literature until I had worn the Shape-ups the first day on two walks, one very hilly, lasting perhaps a half hour and the other on a more level surface lasting more than an hour. I mean, who includes instructions in a shoe box? The Action Packed felt great, though my feet tended to pronate, which they don’t normally do. Then I read that I wasn’t supposed to wear them for more than 45 minutes on the first wearing. And that I was supposed to go through all these little balancing tests to find the right spot. Oh, well. No harm has occurred that I can see.

Since that first day I’ve worn them on several walks and have noticed they provide an extra workout. They really do feel like walking in sand. My legs are getting stronger and my balance has improved. Not sure about posture, though. And no more shin splints, no more hip pain, no more knee pain. I’m a believer.

Now all I have to do is find a pair of boots and a pair of slippers. …


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