Moving Experience IV

I’m finally adjusted to the EDT. Sneezing, coughing, and general malaise continue. Hoping it will be over by Saturday a.m. for the Family Fun Run.

After the film ended, we crossed Rembrandtplein, with its giant statue of the great painter in the center. A number of artists were displaying their wares at the feet of the master, but it was far too dark to see anything. Besides, my California cousins were freezing in the windy, 50-degree weather. I eventually realized that they couldn’t tolerate the humidity, which makes everything feel hotter, or colder, depending.

The line for the reception kept us outdoors for sometime. They had scheduled it from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. and as we stood in line, I thought, well maybe we’ll get in before 1. Since my body thought it was 5 p.m., there was no problem. Despite the cool temps, people were sitting outside at the café tables. Soon enough, we had our bracelets marked and received three (!) drink tickets. Almost everyone I saw gave away at least one before they left. I gave mine to Kathryn who gave it to …

I talked briefly to Kathryn. Then Ira and Hans ran into several people they knew, including one who was the partner or maybe former partner of one of the festival organizers.

Waiters were passing with hors d’oeuvres but I was so full from dinner and dubious about the veggie selections I declined. By Sunday night I realized I could just say “vegetarian” and the waiter/waitress would point.

I met Donagh Coleman, producer and director of Stone Pastures. A Finn by nationality, he was born in Philadelphia and lived in Ohio when his father taught at Miami University. I was sorry to miss his film – did not have a program until Sunday night. Anyway, he’s promised to have his distributor contact me so I can buy a copy of the DVD. Kathryn said it was a beautiful film, with excellent footage of the nomadic people who raise pashmina goats.

Kathryn introduced me to Jody Kemmerer. Her film, Sky Dancer, was sharing the bill on Saturday with Zenju’s Path, Ash and Kathryn’s film. The sketch kind of looks like her.

Jody talked of her experiences in Tibet. She had traveled before the crackdown that preceded the Olympics. My impression was that things were much more open, a view confirmed by the film.

I also said hi briefly to Sanford Biggers, who was slated to do a performance art piece on Sunday evening. We had a chance to talk a bit on Saturday when we sat together during the films. More about him later.

The DJ had been spinning mostly house music but somewhere along the line he got religion and tossed in a fair measure of Motown and Santana. Pretty much everyone jumped up. Dr. and Mrs. Salsa showed off their moves. One young man seemed determined to spin every female in the place. After a brief turn, I jumped away and he grabbed Hans. Since she dances professionally, she handled the spinning well until he bent one knee and tried to flip her. She spent most of the next day doing various stretching exercises to get the kinks out. We were all having fun until the DJ switched to Frank Sinatra. We did it our way and walked on out, catching a cab back to Casa Salsa. We chatted and ate melon with fruit topping, and I waltzed off to bed circa 4 a.m. Slept like a rock.

Tomorrow: Zenju’s Path and Sky Dancer with the hunt for a sim card on the side.


One Response to “Moving Experience IV”

  1. Iz at very pashmina Says:

    Sounds like the DJ was playing an eclectic mix! I mean house, Motown, Santana, and Sanatra? Must have been some interesting transitions. Glad you got out with your back intact!

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