Tea Roses Relaxation

Taking another break from Amsterdam adventures because I couldn’t wait to write about the delightful evening I spent Wednesday at Tea Roses, my friend Peggi Camosci’s tea room. I raved about the place when it opened (“Tea, Glorious Tea,” May 5). Peggi received a terrific writeup in the Middletown Press.

She outdid herself with Tea & Reiki, her first Wednesday night seminar. Fourteen women gathered to hear a brief talk on Reiki by Jan Hodge-Burke, who is a Reiki master and also Peggi’s mom. Thereafter we each received a ten-minute treatment from Jan or from Peggi’s sister.

Martha Miranda brought an entire band’s worth of Tibetan bowls, chimes, rainstick and gong to entertain, creating an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation.

Even though I do Reiki once a week, I rarely have a chance to receive it. It certainly was a treat. My sixth chakra sprang to life and I could feel tension simply evaporating from my body, including in places that I didn’t realize I was holding it. My breathing deepened and I generally felt as though I was going to float up out of the chair.

Jan offers Reiki at her studio in Old Saybrook and in Cromwell, and I may well avail myself of her services occasionally.

I also had an opportunity to chat with the Rev. Kathy Rottino, whom I haven’t seen in years. She’s just as charismatic and lively as ever, though she joked that she needed the full caffeine tea after the Reiki session so that she’d be awake enough to drive home.

We sipped Peggi’s signature Tea Roses blend and ate scones accompanied by lemon curd, strawberry preserves and double cream. Peggi talked a bit about tea – how to prepare white, green, black, and we agreed that we’d love to attend a tea tasting, which she promises to host in the near future.

I slept long, and deep, and well last night and awoke full of energy.


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