Mystery Plant


We had  a strange weekend, which included a burglary at our neighbors’ house.  I found a cell phone on our lawn the next day but it didn’t belong to them.

Name That Plant

Then Larry found this report. It’s not exactly the clearest story, but there’s enough info to make us keep the doors and windows locked at all times. I took the phone to the police station this afternoon and hope it finds its way back to the rightful owner.

So for something lighter, here’s a plant in our backyard that we’re trying to identify. I’ve been calling it the Australian Killer Weed because it grew so fast I was afraid it would climb through a window and strangle us in our bed. Even my friend Smiley who is the repository of all things herbaceous couldn’t id it. I’m going to send a copy of the photo to the state Ag station but in the meantime I thought I’d solicit suggestions.

Any suggestions?




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