Spent the day searching for something I wrote weeks ago that has disappeared into the black hole of the office – or the reading table – or …

Then the computer decided to spend the best part of the morning booting  up. It may have something to do with the fact that I’ve been removing it from the desk when I go to bed at night. I updated Firefox and just for fun tried to update Windows. Once again it didn’t take, I suspect because I’m running XP, which is now obsolete. The update attempts simply disappear into the ozone layer. Trying once more before I heave it out the window. OK, so apparently the updates went through but no one bothered to notify me. Sigh.

Burglary update: the local detective called this afternoon, asked when I found the phone. I couldn’t tell him exactly as I’d gone out walking without any electronica without a clock and then spent some time chatting with the neighbors before I came inside. He reported that he was “bringing the owner in.” I was grateful the person would be reunited with the phone.

Tonight I tried to listen to All Things Considered on the radio but the weather, 70 degrees and humid, seems to be interfering with reception, so I brought the laptop into the kitchen as I cooked. Tried it with the battery, which fell out and then died within 20 minutes. Finally got in here under electric power.

I see a Mac in my future.


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