The Lede II

The ability to create a good lede may be only part mechanics. Some of it is talent, and it’s something that my editors felt I lacked. One can rewrite the things, but I’ve found the best ones appear and stand as they are, no revisions.

My favorites from this blog in reverse chronological order:

From 2010:

“Dear Facebook, You intrude into my life enough already, so I do NOT want to add Places to my options.” August 20.

“Connecticut added yet another corrupt official notch to its political belt today.” June 19

“There’s hope for us all without having to decorate the house with post-it notes.” May 11.

“Isis went to the vet today. She left an impression, literally and figuratively on the staff — and on me.” April 13

“Before there was a tree in the pool. Now there’s a plane in the field.” March 30

“It was the worst of days, and then it became one of the best of days.” Feb. 9

“Now I have to call him “Commander, Commander.” January 28

“I honor Dr. King by dedicating myself to my work.” January 19

From 2009:

“I stole John Kennedy’s book title.” November 6

“We interrupt cleaning week (with gratitude) …” July 9

“A great, gaping hole opened in the universe when Professor Ellen D’Oench died on May 22.” (June 10, 2009)

“Sam Zell finally confessed that he screwed up.” (April 17,)

“I type this with a large gash in my left palm and a smaller one on my wrist.” April 2 Note: I didn’t realize that physical pain could be such an inspiration.

“Thrilling news arrived Monday.” January 15. This in connection with the appearance of the “lady” detective Precious Ramotswe on television.


“Today’s news confirms that Bill Buckley had no soul.” (“Woelfle vs. Buckley” )

“I’ve been a Congregationalist, an Episcopalian, and a Spiritualist.”


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