Sushi Friday VI

Mikado Japanese Restaurant, Middletown

3 Melilli Plaza

Middletown, CT


What I like:

Mikado Japanese Restaurant has become one of my two fallback spots, the other being Japanica. When I can’t decide where to go, I drop down the steps into a beautiful setting with a lighted floor.

Plenty of parking, which is free if one stays less than two hours. The closest lot is under construction at the moment, but there’s another across the street.

The feng-shui inspired ambiance provides relaxation, with the accompaniment of unobtrusive, traditional music.

The service never fails to be impeccable.

The owner always serves as a gracious host.

The sushi chef and assistants enjoy themselves and create among the most beautiful plates I’ve encountered.

The miso soup is always hot and properly balanced.

The sashimi never includes “white tuna,” which is actually escolar, a fish that is banned in Japan.

The new takeout menu has eliminated most of the outrageous typos with a couple of minor exceptions. Some of the dishes are “served” with miso soup, while others are “service” with miso. I guess it’s the same. And I’m not sure if sukiyaki sauce and sukuyaku sauce are the same.

What I don’t like:

The place is not wheelchair accessible, a serious drawback.

The television in the sushi bar is eternally tuned to CNN. A while back I learned that the Olympic Committee had selected Rio de Janeiro for the next summer games. I had the pleasure of telling the staff that Rio was located in Brazil.

When I visited in early January the place smelled a bit of fish – a serious no-no.

The prices are high ($12 for 12 pieces of sashimi, plus soup), but considering the quality not that much of a drawback.

Overall score: B+


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