New Kid in Town

Quick notes on The Daily Show. All hail, Jon Stewart. You called the president of the United States “dude” and lived to tell about it!

From the Sanity/Fear rally. I loved the signs, especially “God Hates Nags.

And this photo of Stephen Colbert in his Captain America get-up demonstrates his utter cluelessness.

Now to the main topic. As regular readers know I have a love-hate relationship with the local supermarket.

I love that it’s close enough to walk. I hate almost everything else about it.

Cat food: It doesn’t sell Isis’s preferred brand of dry cat food. And stocks one of her favorite wet flavors at the other end of the section from all the rest.

Healthy food:  It stopped selling the healthier brand of miso soup and initiated the sodium and sugar filled commercial brand. (“Misled by Miso“). I refuse to buy fish from the place because it smells like a bait bucket, the kind one uses for crab, where the rule is the riper the better.

Newspapers: I have to check and double check the NYTimes every week because stuff gets left out. See “Where Did All the Papers Go?” I have since resumed buying the paper there because there always seemed to be a problem at the local gas station.

Abandonment: Over the years it has stopped selling my favorite coffee; the mid-sized containers of Dannon yogurt; it wanes in and out with the multi-grain rice cakes.

At least I have another option now, although it’s on the other side of town. Price Chopper opened in the spring, but I just got around to visiting a week or so ago. It offers a number of advantages making the extra travel time worth it. First its gas rewards points go to the Sunoco station down the street, so I don’t have to drive forty miles round trip to save.

The sales are far more generous. Terrific bargains on AA batteries, etc.

The place is laid out in a way that makes sense. I didn’t feel the need to find the location chart at the end of the aisle.

The produce is much fresher.

Found some products that I’ve only seen at the health food store.

The cat food selection includes Isis’s favorite (but more about that in another entry).

The place has a sushi chef on the premises, though I probably still wouldn’t buy anything except the veggie version in a grocery store.


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