Pet Smart

My boycott of Target has engendered a crisis in the department of feline supplies. As I think I’ve mentioned the local Stop & Shop doesn’t carry Friskie’s Special Diet, which Isis prefers to Purina One. In fact, she won’t eat Purina, though as far as I can tell the ingredients are just about identical. Anyway, I’ve been driving to Cromwell to get the Friskies, but the S&S only sells the small boxes.

I buy Friskies wet food, also Special Diet, at either store at great expense. Unless supplies are low, low, low, I wait for a sale and then stock up. Even then it’s no bargain, but Dr. Larry says she should eat as much wet food as possible, not a problem in winter.

And there’s the litter dilemma. Target sold cheap containers of the 27-pound Tidy Cats. S&S sells 20-pound containers for a lot, lot more. No sign of the bigger containers in any of the usual venues, and this is an item that can’t wait for a sale.

Then I discovered Pet Smart. It’s a few miles away in Glastonbury but not any farther than Target, and I go near it fairly often. I wandered in as I was headed for lunch with a friend. And nearly cried for joy.

There was the 27-pound canister of litter. It cost a bit more than Target but was still much cheaper than any version of the smaller container. Larry is not happy because he insists on carrying it to the basement for me. I’d happily do it as part of my workout for the day.

Next I found the dry food, in a large bag. Target didn’t sell this particular version of Friskies, so anything was an improvement over the puny boxes at S&S.

And then, be still my heart, the canned food, in every flavor that she likes, at 5 cents a can cheaper than even the sale price at the grocery. I went back to the front of the store, grabbed a cart, and loaded up. When I got to the checkout the clerk said, “You filled your cart awfully fast.” I explained that I had scoped out locations before I started to shop.

Now I have another excuse to go to Glastonbury – and there’s a Staples right next door!

Blog on a break till Monday. Details to follow …


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