More Connections

After the whirlwind of the past couple of weeks SAD hit with a vengeance over the weekend. Entries will be spotty until I get back on the proper mental track. I composed most of this one some time ago.

Quick update from the D.C. Weekend. There was another weird irony that Terry Gross was doing a segment on PTSD when I started writing about the trip.

Note: Myspace, where I started this blog, has changed the format and I’ve not yet figured out how to search by date on my own blog. Stay tuned for a rant.

Now to the main topic. I’ve had this hanging around for ages but am just now rounding the circle. My second entry of this blog was about Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate in which I tied together that book with the Tassajara books. (I thought I’d rounded the circle with that entry. Turns out I was starting a new one.) Since then I’ve found various connections to Buddhism in the San Francisco area. This one popped up in Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope. bell hooks quotes Thich Nhat Hanh: ‘In a true dialogue, both sides are willing to change. We have to appreciate that truth can be received from outside of – not only within – our own group … [her ellipses] We have to believe that by engaging in dialogue with another person, we have the possibility of making a change within ourselves that we can become deeper.” Someone needs to communicate this message to our elected leaders.

More recently of course I attended the Buddhist film festival where I found more connections, with Ash and Kathryn’s film Zenju’s Path, with Jody Kemmerer, who lives there.

Just before that I wrote about What Moves at the Margins in “Pieces of Ourselves.” Now if I can just locate the little book Finding the Still Point.

I encountered another batch of connections in connection with my work in Reiki. We had a tutorial on Huna, the ancient healing technique that began in the Hawaiian islands. It calls on the ancestors and I certainly feel mine around me when I do Reiki. I do not, however, summon them actively with a request for the highest and best. I think that might be a problem. They were pharmacists, chemists – and before that healers. They claimed that back in the old country they were witch doctors, and I wouldn’t want to bring that down on the patients.

Donna Eden’s name came up in the discussion about energy. I’d never heard of her. The next day I read an article she wrote in Spirit of Change, a magazine that had been hanging around in my office for about a week. We tried the arm test that she shows in this video with the same results. The same thing happened to every person who tried it. I realized all energies are connected.

Here’s perhaps the oddest connection of all as it is not esoteric. The article concerned the identity of a Union soldier who fell at Gettysburg. One of the descendants had made the connection between ancient Egypt and Mayan civilizations. He says he’s interested in “continuities,” things that tie peoples in different parts of the world together. In this case, he determined that Egyptians found their way to Central and South America and found linguistic connections to prove it. The author of the article made the additional connection between the detective work involved in piecing together civilizations from eons ago or excavating information from a mere 150 years ago.

Now those are the connections I love.


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