Migration – Bobblehead Fingers

Monday, July 21, 2008

So on Saturday Larry and I jumped in the car and went to Uncasville to see Lewis Black (Links are current, not the ones from 2008). Since the casino wanted $450/night for a room we stayed at the  Best Western down the street, for less than half that and got a limo ride to the casino. The place had a refrigerator, microwave, one king size bed and a couch that folded out into a double, so a family could easily spend a week and not have to eat out.
We met our friends Harv and Nancy who know their way around the casino and after the weekend decided they were getting addicted and weren’t going back for some time. Went for dinner at Big Bubba’s BBQ. Since they made their dirty rice and red beans and rice with pork, I ordered blackened catfish with coleslaw and cheese grits. A large portion of well seasoned, perfectly cooked fish, small sides, but the grits were barely lukewarm. Also detracting, wimpy “hot” sauce.

Larry had a fairly large chicken pot pie. He moused out the chicken and ate a few of the vegetables except for the potatoes and none of the crust. Nancy had the biggest pile of fried chicken I’ve ever seen in one serving. It included one of everything – breast, thigh, leg, wing, all huge. She kept offering it to the rest of us but had no takers. Harvey tried to offer it to someone walking by the window, but the guy fled in horror. Harv’s serving of jambalaya looked reasonable, but I couldn’t taste it because – again it had pork in it. All meals also came with corn bread that had something green in it. Actually tasted better than many I’ve had as it wasn’t too sweet. Overall I’d give Bubba two stars.

Then we wandered around a bit. Nancy and I went into the Coach store, bemoaning the fact that they’ve gone away from the sturdy leather and now make cloth bags that look like everyone else’s. (And with the “Cs” on the bag, even the oblivious will know it’s a Coach.) Of course with wallets starting $240, I guess conformity is the only thing that will sell. Nancy said she’d forgotten her jewelry, so we told our husbands we were going across the way to Tiffany’s to rectify the situation.
We wandered some more and finally got into the Arena. Larry and Harvey made the happy discovery that the uniform of the season is the tiniest version of the LBD (Little Black Dress) mostly like the ones in the second row of Edressme.

The usher directed us to the wrong (nosebleed) seats, but no one seemed to mind once the show started. The opening act was John Bowman. He did a spot-on impression of President W. and claimed responsibility for the idea of a Lewis Black bobblehead finger doll made in China and covered with lead paint. I never quite got why Bowman was strumming a ukulele that wasn’t hooked into the sound system.

Then The Man appeared. We all laughed ourselves into near collapse. I thought Larry was going to start crying at one point. Nancy had an asthma attack. Harvey said his jaw hurt, and I had a stomach ache. Black’s still riffing on how Christians have ruined the economy (not enough buying on Black Friday) and Thanksgiving (having to get up the day after to go shopping). Also skirting close to stroke territory as he yells at the audience for re-electing W. – though my guess is not too many people who go to his performances voted for President Bumble either time. And waxing equally apoplectic about pet owners who take their animals to doggie and kitty day spas.

Afterward we walked some more – went to the Hall of the Lost Tribes, the smoke-free part of the casino, from which I could still smell smoke. It should have been called the Hall of the Lost Money, though Larry won $80, and I broke even, having spent about two hours losing and winning the same $20. Nancy and Harvey lost but not much.

They wanted more food afterward so we went to Fidelia’s where I had a cup of flavorful wild mushroom and onion soup, and everyone else ate dessert. Larry had a fairly reasonable piece of sugar-free cheesecake in the shape of a scoop of ice cream with an equally large scoop of whipped cream on the side. He ate about half of it, and we abandoned the other half in the fridge at Best Western. Harvey and Nancy shared some sort of chocolate cake, which turned out to be two pieces of cake. They only ate part of one slice.

It was 1 a.m. when we finally called for the limo. Sun. a.m. we met for breakfast at Herb’s Country Restaurant and Deli in Montville. No one could finish the huge breakfast portions. We headed home, and Harv and Nancy went back to the casino. Daze of laughs and slots.


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