Migration — Liz’s Addiction, Part I

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As we were playing the slots last weekend, I commented to Nancy, “I’d rather be doing Sudoku.” And it’s true. I managed to get myself addicted in a few short weeks. Started last summer after my sister-in-law showed my how to do them. Graduated from easy to moderate quickly. It took a bit longer to master the hard ones, but now I’m working on the “evil” level. Those take a bit longer, but I love the challenge.
Often I do them when I should be writing, cleaning my office (again) or the house, doing the last two months of accounting, exercising, whatever. But the puzzles truly are addictive – I finish one and start another without a break.
This batch is great Web Sudoku. Each time you click off the page and click back on, a new puzzle appears. The hard ones took a while to work out, and I had to go to Solving Sudoku for help. I don’t follow Angus‘s method exactly, though.
Coming next: Liz’s helpful Sudoku hints.


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