Migration — Beyond the LBD

July 23, 2008
We’re in the midst of all day, on-and-off thunderstorms so I’m going on batteries and wireless. In the meantime I made zucchini bread from this gimongous squash that someone gave us. Couldn’t locate my mom’s recipe but found the same one online at epicurious Ignore the reviews.
I have to return to our casino visit to talk about fashion, or lack of it. Lewis Black wore his trademark jeans, black T-shirt and a jacket that looked perfectly normal except for the sleeves, which flapped every time he moved his arms, which was constantly. I finally decided that he had slit open the sleeves about halfway to the elbow to allow for freedom of movement, but it did add to the mania of the performance.
We saw every fashion “don’t,”  but not too many “dos” in our 7 hours at the Sun. I much prefer the casinos of Europe where evening attire is mandatory. In that respect the James Bond flicks were accurate. Of course there aren’t any penny slots there, either.
Besides the Little Black Dresses, we saw shorts (v. short on the women, knee length on the men), T-shirts on both (tight for women, three sizes too large for men). Women’s skirts started at the barely cover the butt of the LBD and fell to ankle-length peasant garb. There were plenty of those flared dirndl looking things that would make even Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen look like baby whales.
Most everyone wore pants, some capris for women with sleeveless blouses that worked great until one entered the frozen confines of a shop or a restaurant. Why do they do that? I understand the cold in the Arena when we arrived. It got progressively warmer as the place filled with bodies. But why have indoor temps of 68 when we’ve got all sorts of energy crisis going on?
A few older women are still sporting fanny packs, but mostly women were carrying small clutches (to go with the LBD) or summer pocketbooks of modest size. I did not see too many large enough to hold the contents of one’s house. The fashion hit of the evening, though, was the red spike heels – Nancy and I had to explain to the men the significance. Neither of them seemed to know the signal but both seemed eager to spot more examples.


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