Sushi Friday VII

Min Ghung Asian Bistro

39 New London Turnpike

Glastonbury, CT 06033

(860) 659-0568

Yes, I know it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving. But my visits to this place ended last month.

What I like

The setting in the rear of a small, mostly empty shopping plaza that’s surrounded by trees gives the impression of dining in the woods.

Because the rest of the stores lack tenants, there’s always plenty of parking.

The place lets in natural light and is sealed away from blasts of cold air or hot air, unlike many of the other places that put their sushi bars near the outside door.

There is no television.

The chef recognized me after my second visit and is always cordial.

The sashimi includes octopus.

The presentation is always elegant, with lemon slices carved into fanciful shapes and elegant arrangement of the daikon and other adornments.

The music comes from a satellite station that plays a little bit of everything.

A good touch includes the rose colored plastic chopsticks that resemble the classic ivory.

A hot towel arrives at the end of the meal.

The rice is served in a lidded metal container, which retains its heat.

The price for quality and presentation is about right.

What I don’t like:

The roof leaked on one visit and my sleeve got wet.

The service is uneven. When I eat at the sushi bar, it’s OK, but on my most recent visit, 10 or so people were eating in the tatami room. Besides my luncheon companion and me, there was only one other person in the place. The young American waiter called in a reinforcement. On another occasion he brought my check at the same time as he brought my food and seemed to want to rush me out. Last year the waitress had pink hair and lots of piercings, which I find to be a real turnoff.

The miso soup is indifferent as it lacks flavor and is generally luke warm. The tuna is a bit watery and lacked the signature “bite.” This seems to be a problem everywhere in the past six months or so.

Tea arrived as a bag sitting on a top of a small saucer. The cup of hot water was underneath. Packets of sugar and Splenda arrived also but there was nothing to stir with.

Overall: B


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