Migration — Synchronicity

Monday, July 28, 2008
I had a wonderful conversation on Sunday about how spirit directs us – actually the conversation ranged all over the landscape, but I came away feeling more than ever that there are no coincidences. We talked about healing energy and the need for people to acknowledge spirit/God in their lives. This acceptance can take many forms, and I had confirmation of our talk Monday morning, when this article appeared in The Hartford Courant. (In case the link disappears, the story is called “Study Entices Thoughts of Hands-On Healing” and was published July 28, 2008.) Therapeutic Touch is just one form of “laying on of hands.”
I’ve been certified since December as a practitioner of Reiki . I volunteer once a week at the local hospital where the results prove its efficacy. Patients become more relaxed, sometimes fall asleep under the hands-on touch that we supply. Most of them ask for a repeat visit, and a few want to know where they can receive it after they leave the hospital. Many of these folks are clearly survivors – bright-eyed elderly ladies who remain curious and positive despite broken hips or breathing woes. The men are often reluctant but seem equally as enthusiastic once they see the benefits.
Helping others helps me as well. If I have any little aches and pains when I arrive, they are gone by the time I leave. I never eat before I go and only notice that I’m hungry at the end of my shift.
The scientific community searches for reasons that these systems work, but when we connect to non-rational levels, we cannot find the explanation with our limited brains. In my conversation on Sunday I learned about “the last answer,” meaning that after possibilities offered by the body and the mind have failed, the last answer is spiritual.
Skeptics reject the idea of the role of spirit in our lives out of fear. After all, it’s easier to deny such things as the beliefs of a bunch of whackos than to expose oneself to risk or perhaps relinquish some sort of control. I feel sorry for those folks, as they don’t know what they’re missing.


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