Why Pay Full Price?

Two quick notes: Happy Birthday, Sam Clemens!

So glad that the Peruvian artifacts will be going home. (“Loot).Yalies should now be able to rest easier.

Since it’s the time of year when everyone is in search of a bargain, it’s the perfect time to recommend some money saving practices courtesy of Slate and the techie who came to visit my sick computer this morning.

First to Timothy Noah’s recommendations about saving money on a subscription to the NY Times. He says that a full annual subscription costs $700. I remember when my parents complained about the price of about $125. Until the beginning of the year, one can of course read the whole thing free on at nytimes.com. It will cost money at some point in 2011 but not that much. Alternatively, one can negotiate a reduced price simply by calling and asking to cancel. As the comments observe, that practice works for just about service. Larry followed pretty much the same procedure last year with our satellite subscription and we received $10 off per month for six months and some of the premium channels – HBO or Starz free of charge. Of course it’s now back up to full price, but we’re about to “bundle” phone, Internet, and TV so it won’t matter.

The other source of savings came as a real surprise from On the Fly Computer Guy, which has saved my computer twice and tried to save Larry’s just last week. Alas, the old thing had just worn out. Anyway the guy today said that none of the popular anti-virus programs will stop all the viruses. They all catch 80 percent. There is no point paying for anti-virus protection when one can get just as good results from EVG, which is free. Computer Guy had no interest in selling anything so I’m going to take his advice and cancel Trend Micro.

As for holiday shopping, I recommend outlet malls, especially if your family’s taste runs to the likes of Coach and Saks Fifth Avenue.


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