Thank God It Wasn’t Snow

Off serious topics because we got slammed with a storm today that forced me to turn the computer off for four hours, actually more if you count the second panic disconnection. The storm began during the night. I knew things were bad when I woke up to find the cat plastered against my arm, which was rapidly falling asleep from lack of circulation. She didn’t move when I got up, allowing me to cover her with the comforter. It was raining so hard that I couldn’t see out of the windows on the south, the east and the west sides of the house. I never did try to look out the north windows, but I think they got nailed later in the day.

The wind made all the trees wave back and forth with enough violence that I was afraid we’d have another tree-in-the-pool incident. (‘There’s a Tree in the Pool‘) Stuff kept waving as I was making coffee but I figured it couldn’t last, so I went to work. Boy, was I wrong! When the lights started flickering at about 11 a.m., I decided to shut down the operation. And yes, it was so dark outside we had turned on lights. This is partly a defensive move because when the cat hunkers down by the radiator in the living room she blends in with the floor. The light means we save her rib cage and our feet and ankles from serious injury. Plus, it’s depressing to walk around in the dark in the middle of the day.

So instead of doing all the stuff that I had planned to do on Monday that didn’t happen because the computer died and didn’t get to yesterday because I had to make an emergency run for a couple of birthday presents also did not get done today. Instead I read a book that I should have finished almost a year ago.

At about 3 p.m. I decided I could try powering up and logging on again. The wind seemed less and the lights hadn’t flickered in a while. So I was catching up when I heard an awful drip, drip, drip. I feared we had developed a leak in the roof. Turns out that water had pooled in the well between the screen and the window in my study. It couldn’t spill back out because the wind was blowing so hard. Instead it was dripping down from the sill, about two inches from the connection between the surge suppressor and the outlet. With visions of fire breaking out in the midst of all that rain, I turned everything off again and charged upstairs for towels. Blotted and dabbed, blotted and dabbed. At last check, the two big towels had absorbed all water.

Finally at about 5 p.m., the wind began to die down and the rain wound down. I peaked in the basement and we only had a dribble here and there. That is a truly amazing phenomenon because we usually contemplate making a call to ol’ Noah when the wind’s from the south.

It’s now 8 p.m. and we are storm free. We have falling temps, which means there’ll be ice on the roads in the a.m. Hey, at least it was 60 degrees all day.


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