Sick of Mick and Keith

Another quick hit because we’re headed to another Christmas party and the computer is having the vapors.

I am not going to post links to this entry because I don’t want to look at these faces any more than I imagine you do.

First, the disclaimers. I like the Rolling Stones, always have. In the Beatles vs. Stones debate, I come down on the side of the raw, heavily blues-inflected music that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards lay down. Based on what I’ve read both have it goin’ on in the brains department too. They are savvy businessmen, great showmen. They’ve promoted lesser known musicians and espoused good causes.

But please, I don’t want to see their faces on any more covers of magazines, newspapers. Not now, not ever. Because for all their talent, etc., etc., they are ugly. They weren’t good looking when they first hit the charts fifty years ago. And they haven’t improved with age. Unfortunately the publicity machine has been grinding out their images. It began a while back with Keith’s ads for Louis Vuitton. (“Smart Marketing II, Dumb Printing” July 1, 2009).  I wrote that it was difficult to tell the difference between the luggage and his face.

Those ads finally went away but then his book came out. He showed up in October on the cover of the NY Times Arts and Leisure section, bogarting a cigarette, with a wrinkled profile that could probably scare a bunch of Somali pirates. I thought that was the end of it, but no, there he was on the cover of the Book Review a couple of weeks later, looking unwashed and unshaved in a 1970 photo.

OK, so that had to be enough. But no, I was sorting through last Sunday’s paper and who showed up on the cover of the men’s fashion section? An almost as wrinkled Mick Jagger. At least he was smiling in the photo.

Whatever happened to people like Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Javier Bardem, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson? If you want a bit older, about Sean Connery or George Clooney?

But please, no more wrinkled Stone faces, OK?


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