Migration — Shopping Opportunities

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quick one today as I’m shopping. Not a preferred way to spend my time, but I have to buy a wedding gift, which is a great excuse to go to my second favorite store Target Favorite store being Staples, but my husband says I’m not allowed in there without adult supervision. It is not uncommon for me to go in to buy a notebook and come out with an additional $100 worth of stuff – pens, computer software, pretty much anything on sale – which right now means pretty much everything.
But since most people don’t share my passion, I’ll get the gift card at Target and pick up the batteries, paper towels, cotton balls, contact lens solution, etc., etc. that I need anyway.
The better part of the shopping trip, though will be to one of the local farm markets. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture says there are 87. Even though it’s not on the list, I’ll probably go to the one in Durham because my friend Smiley Hiller (that’s her legal name – she changed it and won’t tell anyone what it used to be) grows the best tomatoes and cukes and beans. Plus she’s fun to talk to – hates newspapers, thinks all politicians are corrupt crooks (come to think of it she may have a point.) If there’s time I’ll zip down to Deep River.
Most of the others seem to be open on Friday or Saturday – or at least not on Thursday – and I’ve already got a list of stuff longer than the day to take care of, so it’s today or wait till next week.


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