Migration — Best Buys

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So today we’re shopping. Actually today we’re having lunch with friends and taking the car for its FOURTH doctor’s appointment in the past two months. Maybe this time the specialist – that is the dealer – can finally restore it to health.
Anyway – a few of my favorite things. The best buy in the past year has to be the Vino Globe. [Link is broken.] It really does what it claims – to give the wine the same oxygen exposure as if it was uncorked for an hour. I was so thrilled by the way it worked, I bought two more as gifts for friends who buy good wine but can’t be bothered to let them breathe before pouring. The wine tastes best when they’ve reached the end of the bottle. The only drawback to the Vino Globe is that the wine doesn’t keep as long – but that’s true if you aerate it for an hour, too. Just a great excuse to finish the bottle!
Mxyplyzyk has other great stuff, too. Love the manly bookends and the drain stoppers. But the owl tape measure is scary.
Next up, vetivert soap (also spelled vetiver). I don’t remember how we came to have this in the house when I was a little girl. Maybe my uncle brought it back from one of his trips down to the bayou. But the smell is just heavenly, even though the word derives from “root that is dug up.” The promotions describe it as a “woody, earthy scent.” I find it a bit smoky. There are lots of places to buy it online, but we had the pretty pink boxes from Hové. Some places claim that vetivert is a masculine scent, but it’s unisex for Hové. And they say that the Creole folks used the roots as sachet in the olden days.
So much for personal scent. When it comes to room scents, I generally favor nothing. Incense makes me sneeze, and most candles seem overpowering. I’ve walked in and right out of Pier One and a couple of other stores that have multiple candles to scent the air, just as I run from those spritz ladies in department stores. There is one exception, however, and that is the Redwood candle from Woodwick. Woodwicks sparkle and crackle as they burn. I first encountered the candle in Lake Placid where a couple of the shops and hotels used them. The scent returned me to the forest where I had been walking earlier in the day. The company doesn’t seem to have its own online addy, but here’s a link to Bed Bath & Beyond which sells it.

Now that we’ve got the beverages and the scents lined up, let’s move on to the clothes. I used to be a dedicated worshiper of that other Liz. The clothes fit, and the price was right. But, as I mentioned a while back, Ann Taylor has come to town with a Loft outlet no less. These clothes fit better than Liz’s – pants have less material around the rear and the colors are less preppy and more New York fashion, though I do plan to wear mostly black (again this fall).


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