It occurred to me that I haven’t said a word about the various holiday celebrations – I’ve been too much immersed in them. So here’s a quick recap:

  • 12/17: I posted presents to West Coast cousins. Anna’s arrived on time. Ash and Kathryn’s did not. Larry and I celebrated his birthday a day late at Max Fish. We had the usual fabulous meal in an unusually crowded place. I could only eat half my entrée of blackened salmon. Larry cleaned up his surf and turf with lobster. The two women at the table next to us talked nonstop and drank two bottles of wine before they ordered their entrées.
  • 12/18: Baked a cranberry coffee cake to take on the bus to NYC for the Maggie Dixon Classic.
  • 12/19: Arose at 6:30 a.m. to race to Stop & Shop for the paper and a bagel for Larry. Boarded the bus just before 8 a.m. and had the smoothest, quickest ride to the city ever. Mid-town sown up like a war zone with police everywhere. Despite large quantities of food on the bus, ate little. Went to brunch with Harv and Nancy at Europa Cafe across from Madison Square Garden. Excellent omelet for $5. Girls beat Ohio State without a problem and tied the all-time college basketball win record. Various naysayers are discounting their efforts because the people being defeated are men. Booo!
  • 12/20: Shopped for the Christmas Eve family gathering and cleaned the house, being thankful that darkness at 4 p.m. hides a multitude of sins.
  • 12/21: Took the car to the shop. Retrieved it after learning that I needed a $200-plus power steering pump. Merry Christmas! Picked up odds and ends of party stuff. Caught bits and pieces of the UConn women’s record-breaker against Florida State.
  • 12/22: Wrapped packages, ran to Staples but couldn’t find what I wanted – proud of myself for not spending a fortune. Picked up booze for the party.
  • 12/23: Baked a mince pie and a fruit pie. Did “mise en place” for the sour cream coffee cake, a recipe from a friend of my mother’s from the late 1960s. Flew down Route 9 to Old Saybrook to visit my former neighbors. We caught up on local gossip. The house behind has five children; the one next door has six!!! Came home, baked the coffee cake. Ran to my friends’ house with the pies.
  • 12/24: Got things together for the family gathering. Wound up going to the store because I didn’t have cups! Family visited from about 4:30 to 9:30. Great fun time. Ate way too much. After the guests left, Larry and I each opened a present. I already knew that Santa had given me my request, an iPhone. If I have two seconds next week, I’ll actually go buy it.
  • 12/25: Gave myself my annual Christmas present of sleeping as late as possible. Arose at the civilized hour of 10. Made coffee, ate coffee cake. Opened presents. Went to Deb’s at 1 for dinner. Ate way too much, again. Came home and talked to Ash and Kathryn. Later talked to Anna.

All in all a Merry Christmas.

Now I’m spending the week putting the house back together and gearing up to make Hoppin’ John for New Years.


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