Get the Message, People

Middletown has been embroiled for months in an epic battle between the mayor’s office and the Board of Education. I won’t rehearse all the sordid details, which have included fights over spending, sending police officers to the school administration building, and pulling school resource officers. For an overview of this sordid mess, put the words Middletown, “board of education,” mayor, and police into any search engine. As you read, be prepared for outrage and depression to set in. I’ve been walking around for weeks saying, “A pox on all your houses!” This nonsense is a waste of the taxpayers’ money and a huge waste of judicial time.

I strongly urge all cast members in this comedy or tragedy of errors to act like the players and coaches described in my sister-in-law Deb Petruzello’s letter to the editor of the Middletown Press. Her son has some academic limitations but is a member of the basketball team. The other players make way for him in a selfless fashion. She said it best: “Personal goals are given up for the team goal to allow so this young man can get an opportunity to play and score for the team.” These are not-yet adults who see their way clear, not once but over and over again, to behave in this mature fashion.

If middle school students can do it, why can’t the people in charge of their education do better? They pay lip service to putting the needs of the children first. They should act that way, too.


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