And Another One Bites the Dust

A quick one because in addition to other activities we attended the Woodrow Wilson Middle School basketball game. Deb’s son scored the final point of the game! Go Wild Cats!

I’m recycling titles (“And Another One Bites the Dust”) because another Connecticut official has joined the corrupt list. This one really hurts.

1)       Senator Thomas Gaffey was in general an excellent legislator. He supported the interests of local folks. He was an advocate for public school education (see the following entry, “School Daze”) and for the elderly.

2)       He was our state senator.

3)       His crimes are really, really stupid.

4)       His guilty plea and resignation take effect on Jan. 5, the same day he was due to be sworn in to his ninth term.

5)       He engaged in similar behavior before.

Here are the facts, courtesy of CT Mirror. Gaffey claimed travel expenses as a legislator and then billed his political action committee for the same expenses. The grand total was about $2,800. (The previous incident involved $10,000.) He plans to plead guilty to six counts of sixth-degree larceny. That’s one step up from shoplifting tube socks. He won’t receive any jail time but will serve one hundred hours of community service. Part of me wants to see him picking up trash by the side of Interstate 91. Part of me hopes that he’ll be able to use his skills and abilities to help students or the senior citizens.

My theory of political corruption is that if you’re going to go out, go big. I mean imitate Richard Nixon, don’t do this penny-ante stuff. Of course I doubt that a state senator had much opportunity to do fact-finding in, say Monaco, so the $1 million expense was probably beyond his range.

Once again, Connecticut seems to be inching its way up in the corrupt officials ranks.


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