Migration — Too Much To Do II

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So this weekend turned out to be a plus after an awful scramble on Friday to weed the garden and trim the shrubbery, including butterfly bush, which finally lived up to its name with a couple of gorgeous creatures hovering around. Up to now it’s been all cabbage moths. Also dusted under the bed – my mom said her favorite aunt called the stuff that accumulates there “slut’s wool.” To me, they’re killer dust bunnies. Anyway, they were safely trapped and disposed of in a humane fashion. Then another run to the grocery store, this time Price Rite, the newish discount grocery in Cromwell. Good fruit and veg. It seemed cleaner than a couple of the other big box places in the area with no smell of the bug spray that permeates some of the others. (Maybe it’s just too new). One big plus, they charge 10 cents a piece for grocery bags, thus encouraging people to bring their own.
Took a break from the Friday frenzy to go to Oyama Japanese Cuisine, across the parking lot from the supermarket. Place was OK. I ordered the sashimi luncheon box and received decent miso soup, good shumai, brown rice (a plus), a rather sloppy looking Cali roll, and the thickest pieces of fish I’ve ever seen on a sashimi plate. It was fresh, though, which is always paramount. Service was attentive without being overbearing. I was amused to see one of the manager/owner types sit down at the corner of sushi bar with her laptop and a big bag of nacho chips. She was not amused when I drew attention to it. Grade: B.
Saturday was occupied with the usual chores, including another run to the grocery store. On Sunday, after yet another foray to the supermarket, the family came over for the annual picnic. Reduced in numbers from about 50 to 12 or so because I’ve been so wiped out in previous years and needed three days to clean up the yard. This year, clean up was done by 9 p.m. on Sunday, and I was fully restored when I got up on Monday.
Our friends and neighbors had their picnic on Monday, for about 75 people. I don’t know how they do it. They have all the usual picnic stuff plus kielbasa, smoked bluefish, which they make themselves, and steamed cheeseburgers, a delicacy (so I’m told) found in the area around Route 66 (not the famous one) from Meriden and Portland, Connecticut.
Today, I’m gathering my wits for some research and excavating the pile of clippings on my desk. Plus shopping AGAIN for the sixth time in four days.
Brain should be able to produce something of greater substance tomorrow.

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