Migration — What’s The Difference?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Quel surprise! The Chinese didn’t allow any protesters to demonstrate during the Olympics. And they still haven’t let up on people who have grievances and want to be heard, according to today’s Times. The latest round seems to involve corruption in a city near Beijing where the government is colluding with others to seize the land of residents. When the displaced went to Beijing to try to protest, they were arrested and returned to their hometowns – though they no longer have homes to go to.
Part of this scenario seems quite familiar. The effects of Kelo vs. City of New London are still echoing throughout this country. The city in that case exercised its right of eminent domain to take private property for commercial development, specifically, businesses, condos and a hotel. Until the Supreme Court sided with the city, government seizures had been limited to what everyone recognized as public uses – roads, schools, and the like. Kelo vastly expanded the definition of a taking. Now there are legislative efforts under way to limit the government’s ability to take property to the traditional purposes only.
Of course things are a bit different here. It would be shocking if the cops had arrested Susette Kelo for protesting her eviction from her property. Oops – scratch that – one of her neighbors was arrested for refusing to leave the property. See Homeland Stupidity.
I guess the Chinese are worse than we in one respect. At one time they revered the elderly in their society. That seems to have been lost, as a number of the would-be protesters who were arrested were over age 60.


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