A Sicko Reaction

Wimpy little six inches of snow closed school again.  Kids will be in class until July 4.

The rule these days seems to be if you don’t like something, change it (Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) or stop others from forming their own opinion about it. The latest example is the Enfield, Connecticut, library’s decision to cancel a showing of “Sicko,” Michael Moore’s critique of the health care industry. Four people complained at a town council meeting, then members of that august body decided the movie was fiction.

Whatever one’s view of the movie, it is indefensible to prevent others from seeing it, debating its merits, and drawing their own conclusions.

It seems sad that the Republicans have fallen to picking on a four-year-old movie that caused only a minor uproar when it first came out. Of course a good part of Moore’s target is the insurance conglomerate, which still glomerates all over northern Connecticut, even if it employs fewer and fewer people.

I hope the town doesn’t waste too much of the taxpayers’ money fighting any lawsuit.


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