Migration — Missing the Sisters II

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Continuing with the Satellite Sisters, they balance serious stuff – politics, the financial crisis, with fluff. Lian’s post on BlogHer shows what a hypocritical slug Sean Hannity really is.

And they brought some amusement to the generally pathetic Wall Street debacle by deconstructing WaMu (Washington Mutual) – who would think up such a brand name? Why would someone be willing to do business with a bank that sounded like a relative of something swimming in a tank at Seaworld? This segment, like a number of others, was interrupted by some dead air as the sisters gave up talking for laughter. Same thing happened with that poor heroin-addicted elephant.

The Lab Rats feature with Sheila and Monica is most definitely worth revisiting, even if you don’t use most of the products, makeup, fast foods, hot chocolate. Over the years, they’ve evolved from thumbs up or down to paws up or down. Especially good: Numi Gunpowder Green Tea got two paws up from one of the Rats. Not as popular:  Revolution Organic Green Tea, which received applause for its sustainable mission, but the flavor was just OK. And Tazo (“so five years ago” and not strong enough, though it will “do in a pinch.”)

Recently the Rats evaluated body washes – with much giggling about Sheila’s two to three a day shower habit and Monica’s alligator skin legs. Dove Beauty Body Wash for Sensitive Skin got two paws up from Sister Alligator skin who uses it all the time (with Dove lotion) and one paw up from Shower Sister, who preferred the retro Vita Bath. The Rats gave one paw up, one paw down for Aveeno.

Compare and contrast (there will not be a test) the Rats’ first test of low fat, low carb frozen dinners, deemed emergency food, in which they claim that the term “portion control” is an oxymoron. Amy’s Burritos and Smart Ones Chicken Marsala got two thumbs down from both Rats, while the South Beach line and the Lean Cuisine chicken and vegetables got praises. Sheila suggests putting the entrees on a bed of bagged lettuce with carrots and cherry tomatoes to “bulk up” the meal.

One feature I don’t find and would love to see is a place to nominate people for the Satellite Sisters award – folks who give in creative and helpful ways to their communities. There are a couple of people that I would love to nominate.

Sadly, ABC dropped the sisters, and I now have to find them online. I really miss those couple of hours of Sunday night radio chats as I wandered from room to room and eventually settled in my reading chair with cat on lap if the weather was cool enough. Isis the Goddess has just returned from summer vacation on the porch, so I’ll have to find other Sunday night entertainment.


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