What I’m Reading Now

There’s still a trash can with dripping water in the middle of my kitchen, inconveniently located near the refrigerator. And the guy who promised to call never did. But we’re from New England. We have granite infused in our veins upon arrival. So on with today’s topic.

I started reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo before the hellbug struck on Sunday. It seemed to drag at the beginning as I tend to ignore financial machinations in the news pages and certainly don’t want them in novels. As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a big fan of mystery stories/crime novels. Stieg Larsson, however, kept me distracted through the hours when I was too weak to get out of bed but not feverish enough to succumb to the hallucinations.

Once that girl with that tattoo showed up I was hooked on the multiple layers: Lisbeth’s bleak personal life; Mikael Blomqvist’s uncharacteristic slip-up in libeling a powerful financier; the weirded out, necessarily etiolated Vanger family entombed in the frozen Norrland. I’ve been to Sweden, once, in the summer and would not want to spend more than a few winter hours in those dark, icy, windy streets, especially the ones that are too near the water.

Stay tuned. I’m reading as fast as I can!



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