Like Ursula LeGuin, I seldom blog about politics. She has written so passionately I feel I  have to comment on “Egypt.” I agree that President Obama has undermined our position in the world by backtracking from his initial position. Support for the people who have day after day appeared in Tahrir Square to object to Mubarak’s rule is the obvious choice for anyone who supports democracy.

The reasons America won’t lean harder on Mubarak are complex, having to do with his support for peace with Israel and his maintenance of a stable government, even if it is one that oppresses religious minorities and throws journalists in jail. He’s one of those of whom the United States has repeatedly said, “He may be a dictator, but he’s our dictator.” We repeat this mistake over and over. I would hope that Mr. Obama and his experts have figured out a way we can escape from the cycle of support, followed by rejection, followed by American oppression that us into Iraq and caused Iran to become what it is.

Mubarak has of course has taken comfort from the administration’s latest position against his immediate departure. We are thus infuriating the people who should be our allies.

I do disagree with the comments on Ms. LeGuin’s blog that argue against talking to the Muslim Brotherhood because it will hasten the oppression of women. What I’ve seen and heard, especially on this link indicates that Egyptian women, and many men, will not allow a government that deprives half the population of rights.

Maybe, just maybe, we still have a chance to get this one right. If not we may be in a position where our weapons are once again used against us.


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