Migration — Party, Party

Monday, October 20, 2008

It seems that my moribund social life has revived. Just looked at the calendar and realized that we’ve had something every weekend for the past three weeks. Then after a one-week break, we’re occupied again until just before Thanksgiving. Then we proceed with birthdays: my mother-in-law, our twin friends, Larry. Then comes Christmas and New Years. I’m scared to look past that.
We started with B.B. King at the end of September. (See “Thrill Still There,” September 29.)
The following weekend we attended a party in memory of Larry’s classmate Hal Levy and went to dinner with another classmate and his wife. (See RIP October 3.)
Then we were away for four days attending a beautiful wedding in hot, wet Savannah.
On Saturday we celebrated Larry’s youngest sister’s birthday. It had a shopping theme to reflect her favorite occupation. Awesome music provided by Henry G. Bentley Jr. who does not seem to have a web site to link to. On Sunday a few of us went for a large, late lunch and this morning I drove the birthday girl and her son to the airport for their return trip.
This coming weekend I think we get a pass.
Then on Halloween, I go to New York to see Babar (see September 10 post) and meet with my agent and the woman who wrote the introduction to my book, Can Anything Beat White?: A Black Family’s Letters. Then on Saturday we go to the Shoreline to meet Larry’s classmate and his wife for dinner.
We go to another birthday party the following weekend. Can’t say any more ’cause it’s a surprise. And that Monday I go to a gala to support the Middlesex County Community Foundation.
That brings us to November 15 when I’m attending a lecture sponsored by the Connecticut Society of Genealogists. That evening we’re supposed to take a trip to one of the casinos (not sure which one) as a fundraiser for a local girls softball team.
Then we get a break, I think. It’ll be a chance to reflect on an expression my mom used, “The social whirl ain’t restful.”


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